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Today everyone has the chance to spell correctly. Don’t despair! Fohandnag’s System is your way to becoming a first class speller.

Fast-paced training. Useful for all ages.

The Fohandnag's system is a true multi-sensory approach to learning, employing both visual and auditory media; most people are receptive to both. The program pronounce word and at the same time you can see its phonetic symbols. So in case your hearing is impaired you still will know which word you should to type in.

The contents of this website will quickly and efficiently teach children, teenagers and adults how to spell English words correctly. The Spelling lessons hold approximately 10.000 words, all words can be viewed at our Spelling List section. These are divided into 48 self-executable programs. After testing, the program dictates words that you have misspelled until the spelling is mastered. Try our on line lessons. You will see for yourself the power and simplicity of this Spelling Course. To improve your typing ability click on the Typing Course and then enjoy playing and learning.

How it works?

  • Firstly it tests your spelling and personalises vocabulary for you by means of bookmarks. The list of bookmarks is created automatically while you are practising. This characteristic allows you later to concentrate only on the words which you have misspelled.
  • Secondly it lets you spell properly even when you think spelling is impossible to study. The program makes you to type words correctly, otherwise you will not be able to proceed. So it is challenging like a learning of walking.
  • Thirdly it drastically accelerates the actual process of learning by repeating continuously only misspelled words until the spelling is mastered.
  • Lastly it evaluate your progress by means of the Score Section. So you will always know if there is a room for improvement and if you are ready for the next level.

This is just a simple presentation of Fohandnag's System. The full program enable you to print the Score and add or delete Bookmarks. It also allow you to learn Bookmarked words next day, as all of them are recorded on your computer. So you will save a lot of time by learning only the words you need to focus on. You will love it!

Is this Spelling Course suitable for dyslexic people?

If you are dyslexic, don't miss this opportunity - it will change your life. It is also suitable for deaf people as while the word is pronounced his phonetic symbols are also displayed for you to read. This way you always will know properly which word you should type in. This is the Spelling Course you were looking for. Practise, and you will become a spelling master. The program have been specially targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia). Suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools as well as at home.  

A brief instruction that adults should read.

Children can happily play with the programs on their own but will also gain even more from adult participation. For children to learn effectively, they need help from adults. Nowhere it this help more obvious that in the language field. By listening to words repeatedly and then typing them, children can master spelling and pronunciation. They will learn through experience, not by just having a boring set of rules to read for English spelling.

These programs are intended to help adults and children share the enjoyment of learning. To accomplish tat goal, the program is equipped with a Score Section where everybody can monitor his or her individual progress. The adults can check and print out the results and when they are satisfied, reward their children accordingly. Modern research has shown that when parents devote time to their children, performance in the classroom is much more likely to be successful.

System requirements:

To perform at optimum level you should have a Pentium II machine or faster. Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, Me, XP or Vista. If you are not sure simply download the program form our Download Centre. If it opens and ask you for Activation Password it means that your computer is suitable. The downloads should only take a few minutes.

















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